Nov 26 2010

The Land Between

This the title of an article I wrote for a new fostering website. You can read it here, or on their site:

In the UK today, there are 70,000 children and young people living in public care, with over 54,000 living with foster families. Some of these placements are for a short term, until a particular situation in their primary family is resolved. Others can be for an extended length of time, as they wait to be adopted, or reach an age to live independently.

This is a very transitional time. One that can be characterised as chaotic, uncertain, emotionally trying… and yet can be the most settled, and ‘fruitful’ time for a foster child. The child could be said to be on a journey ‘from here to there’, and I propose, the foster placement could be seen as ‘The Land Between’. Continue reading

Sep 13 2010

“Just Do It”

The famous Nike slogan.

The phrase was coined by Dan Wieden* in 1988, and has, I’m sure, become ingrained in the minds of millions of people – as well as indelibly linked to the Nike ‘tick’, formally know as the Swoosh.

Advertising makes millions based on it’s understanding of the power of words, the promotion of an idea, the planting of a seed. Those 3 words” “Just Do It” were 20 years old in July 2008, and amoungst other things, have been cited as inspiring people to: “…leave abusive husbands and achieve heroic feats.” (source, Oregon

Those words were on my mind a few weeks back,  inspired by the frustration of coming face-2-face with a missed opportunity which seemed to have happened merely because someone chose not to ‘Just Do It’, not to speak up, not to take a risk…only to appear still, years later, to have some lingering reflection/regret of what might have been.

The words are back on my mind today, as I digest news I received recently that will mean big changes, big changes. The temptation is there to not take the risk, to question the craziness of decisions which will soon have to be made, to wonder how on earth this has all finally come together…The desire is also there to ‘Just Do It’.

Yes those words are part of an ad campaign to ‘make’ us want to buy trainers, and other sporting goods, yes they are used imaginatively/manipulatively to create profit for a commercial business giant, but they surely only have that power as they sum up the longing of some, maybe many of us, who wished we had, could, or would just do something. Un-hinder ourselves, take the risk, risk being vulnerable, pluck up the courage, change something, and just do whatever ‘it’ is.

I feel as if I’m now sounding like I’m giving a pep talk, Janice’s motivation 101 🙂 so I’m gonna leave it there.

*It was agency co-founder Dan Wieden who coined the now-famous slogan “Just Do It” for a 1988 Nike ad campaign, which was chosen by Advertising Age as one of the top five ad slogans of the 20th century, and the campaign has been enshrined in the Smithsonian Institution.[9] San Franciscan Walt Stack was featured in Nike’s first “Just Do It” advertisement that debuted on July 1, 1988.[10] Wieden credits the inspiration for the slogan to “Let’s do it”, the last words spoken by Gary Gilmore before he was executed.[11]

May 12 2010

The F Word

Went to an Inaugural lecture put on by The Forgiveness Project today.
The main speaker was Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and he was given the title of, ‘Is Violence Ever Justified?‘. He spent some minutes on on the given title, then shared for a longer time of his, and the South African experience of forgiveness, in and following apartheid…. He had a manner that was very engaging, thought provoking and challenging, and also humourous – which could seem strange to imagine, considering the topic.
Potentially even more provoking, or adding to the challenge of the Archbishop’s words, were the 3 people who were there as panel members: Mary Blewitt, who had 50 of her family killed in the Rwandan Genocide, and works now to support survivors, and also Pat Magee, convicted of planting the 1984 Brighton Bomb and Jo Berry, daughter of Sir Anthony Berry MP who was killed in the bombing. They each had a few mins to share their perspectives on the topic, and respond in some way to the points raised by Desmond Tutu. A few questions from the audience and the panel’s response to those, rounded up the event.
I went away intrigued by what I had heard, challenged, and thoughtful about the topic itself. I also came away with a sense of hope, that a project exists, in order to raise awareness of this topic, and enable such dialogue to happen.

May 3 2010

Who will get our vote, and why?

Things I am Pondering as I wonder about this question:

  • Are the debates swaying anyone? Reality TV Politics? Is it going to be down to words speaking louder than actions?

These are just some of the thoughts that have been through my mind as I have mused on the the debates that I watched (No. 1 all the way through, No.2, almost to the end, and No.3, not at all) and been doing a skim read of some of the reported commentary on them. Continue reading

May 1 2010

Just Call Me No.54

This was my number, on the ticket I pulled out of the machine at the blood testing place today. The no. on the display was 23. *The following our the things are wrote down while I was waiting.

You can probably imagine my internal despondency at the thought of the wait that was ahead of me. In fact, I think the process towards that feeling actually started the moment I entered the tiny side space that has been given over to it, and saw the number of other internally despondent people who were sitting down. – Would this shared communal feeling be enough to call us a community? Continue reading

Apr 27 2010

Line of the Day 2

Haven’t done this in a while, but heard the following on a radio show yesterday:

If you’re living a lie, you’ve adopted a rhyme.”

– Author Unknown

I thought it was interesting…

Apr 20 2010

Waking Up Wisdom – 7:05am

The Past is gone, your Future is here, grab it! Grab It! GRAB IT!

Where is your Future? Here in your Present, grab it!…

Apr 17 2010

Chuck, Cherish, Charity

This is an idea that a friend shared with me recently. It is an idea that she heard from another woman, and one she has used successfully, as she prepares to head to the States to live.

We’ve probably all heard a plethora of ideas or strategies for how to de-clutter our homes, offices, rooms, wardrobes!

‘If you haven’t used it in 6 months…”If you haven’t used it in a year…’ and they go on.

Continue reading

Apr 15 2010

Another Quote

I had an interesting conversation with a young person yesterday where we talked about life, life’s experiences, music, lots more, and matters of faith.

A particular thought was about this journey of life, the highs and lows of it, the sometimes feeling you’ve headed in the wrong direction, made bad choices and how you recognise the impact that has on shaping who you are/become. This led to musing on God. Does, how, and where He plays a part; thinking about whether there is a ‘straight path’ we are intended to follow, and the frustration there can be when we seem not too; wondering if God ever has enough of the ‘straying’… Continue reading

Jan 4 2010

I Quote:

“Guard your heart, but don’t become a gated community”

– J Whyne (Dec 5th 2009)Gated Community

Something to think about…