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I am:

A 40 something ‘writer-in-progress’

A Song Writer – I have been writing in one way or another since my early childhood. From memory, my first attempt at song writing was when I was around 14 – it’s possible that amongst my numerous papers, these words still exists.

Poet – According to the old adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”* It is primarily talking about written communication, but in other variations, ‘the word’, and ‘the tongue’ are also cited. My poetry is expressed in written, and spoken form. You can check out some of it here. And if you wanna watch me share a piece of poetry, check out Self-expression (2)

Author – This is something I want to take a step towards. I feel I have at least one book in me. Maybe I’m finally ready to make this a reality.

Other things of note

I feel I can confidently say I am:

A visionary. I have become increasingly more aware of this, as I have been in different situations and contexts, where this part of my character has had more opportunity to be used and develop.

An innovator. I see this as a distinct part of my makeup. My creativity comes alive when I am able to initiate. If you were to imagine a presidential campaign, I would be in the advance party.

A communicator. I know that the ability to use words both verbally and in writing is something that I have been graced with, and feel I have been gifted to speak.

An encourager. This is something that I feel very confident about; it has seemed to be a part of my natural outflow as long as I can remember.

For those budding psychologists out there or those of us who like to study people, here’s an ‘academic’ slant from the Myers Briggs personality indicator. It has me as an INFP:

I hope you’ll enjoy what I share and exploring the site. Please feel free to post comments, subscribe or use the contact form to get in touch.

*The pen is mightier than the sword

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