Tonight I watched Nappily Ever After with my gurl Heels. There was a scene at the beginning, and towards the end, where the main character Violet, jumps full force into an inviting swimming pool.

An action that she had been expressly forbidden to do. An action that she had been programmed not to do.


Short answer: because it would mess up her hair.

Long answer: because of the need for picture prefect presentation in every sphere of her life.

Both, the gospel according to her mother. Though that gospel has roots in a whole complex interwoven web of other stuff! #anotherpost

What I loved about the scene was the unhindered joy in the jumping in.

For sure, behind the action was a complete shaking off of imposed boundaries and expectations. An abandonment of convention in the face of overwhelming disapproval. A definitive decision to stop pleasing others to the detriment of herself. And it was also, fun.

Fun is something that some of us really need a bit more of. We need a bit more jumping in the pool type action.

Maybe, because like Violet we have loads of things to shake off. Maybe, because we just need a fun interlude. Maybe, because us doing so will give others permission to do the same.

So go on, Jump in!

*Spoiler alert: If you’re about to press play and intend to watch the film, you may wanna only watch up until she jumps in. As otherwise you’ll know a couple things ahead of time.*