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5 Questions

I feel there is so often something very powerful about peoples’ stories. I find it a privilege to get to hear parts of it, both the highs and lows and sometimes the rest in between.

Five Questions (5QFF) gives me the opportunity to share with you the tiniest glimpse of the backstory of various people I have either had the pleasure to meet, work with, call my friend and so on.

These are people that I feel are striving to work for change and make -plus be- of impact within their circles of influence.

I have been encouraged and challenged by each one of them; I have also learned from them. I reckon you might also experience the same, so sharing them with you.

The 5 Questions that they answer are:

  1. Introduce yourself: who are you, what do you do, and why is it important?
  2. What’s your most valuable skill?
  3. Describe a tool, technique or practice that makes a difference to your work.
  4. What advice do you most need to hear?
  5. Suggest an endearing and humorous question for question number five and answer it.

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