Slums - People Under the Toll Road

Tweets that have’t reached Twitter…

  • Resilience? Resigned acceptance? Or a bit of both?  In the face of poverty, which of these does the Urban Poor have?
  • Responding to the Urban Poor: “Let me count the ways…”
  • Does our perspective on poverty guide our response?
    • Obvious answer: Of course.
  • Does our perspective on poverty keep the poor poor?
    • Possibly yes.
  • Defining the Urban Poor: Is there a one size fits all definition?  Or in our changing, multifaceted, multicultural, multidimensional world, is that an impossibility?
  • Will there ever be an end to poverty?
    • I think not. / Depends on the poverty.

While writing this post and searching for supplementary info, found out that the 17th of October was the “International Day for the Eradication of Poverty”. A quote from the Chief of the UN,

Let us remember that ending poverty is not a matter of charity but a question of justice.

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