We left off at Lemon Drizzle cake.

  1. If you click the link, it is quote no.2Except when forced by a cousin as she dumped a whole load of frozen veg in the seasoned rice!Boundaries. Boundaries. Boundaries. Have them. Articulate them to others. If others won’t stick to them, you stick to them for yourself.
  2. Sabbath rest is necessary. Seriously, if it was good for Jesus, who am I to think I can do without it.
  3. Have spare capacity. Within your daily hours, workload, or responsibilities, your mind/headspace.
  4. I actually enjoy running. I have also found that a good run (or walk) can help clear my mind.
  5. Be mindful of learned responses. It is natural to create a frame of reference for how you interact, deal with etc., people. It is also often very wise to do so. However, the challenge can come when they have changed or adapted their behaviour, but you are still reacting to them based on their former selves. Your go-to learned response can become the constant filter through which you receive and interpret anything they do or say.
  6. What my Mummy said about preparing your bag, clothes, and whatever else from the night before is correct! When I thought I was grown, I strayed from this teaching for a while; but I learned the error of my ways and came back to my senses later on.
  7. Nuff old time sayings have solid truth in them. Example: “If you don’t hear, you mus/gwarn feel!”
  8. Take time to sit at the feet of your elders and learn from them. We may think we live in totally different times; and maybe from the point of view of technology, trends and so on we are. However, in the nuts and bolts or essentials of life -which actually don’t change that much- they have seen, lived, and survived it all. Let’s honour them.
  9. Food is not just fuel. If your situation and circumstances allow, savour it, enjoy it, diversify your palate, invite others to dine at your table. #foodandfellowship
  10. Camping is not for me. I have had to do it for work. Done it for love of family. But it is not-my-ministry!
  11. The Clark Sisters didn’t know just how ahead of their time they were with the choon ‘Computers Rule the World’ (1988).
  12. Meet people where they are at, not where you think they should be. – We can tend to, or unintentionally assume that we’re all starting at the same baseline.
  13. To be content in, and with life, doesn’t actually require much.
  14. A quick smile, acting on the prompt to send a text or make that call, can really make a difference to someone.
  15. Some vegetables are really very nice. From I was of an age to get away with saying no thank you to veg, I didn’t eat any for at least 15 years. Except when forced by a cousin as she dumped a whole load of frozen veg in the seasoned rice! I have since been known to do a dance for joy while cooking them. True story.
  16. Having your Tribe, or Army is a must. You need to know you have at least 2-3 people who, to borrow the phrase from Scandal, would go over a cliff of for you.- If you click the link, it is quote no.2
  17. Celebrate the small things.
  18. Feel the fear and do it anyway. A mantra of one of my Tribe. I can’t say I always apply it, and it may not be universally appropriate for all circumstances. It is though a wise counter-balance to allowing fear to hold you back from stepping out of your comfort zone, going for that new job, changing courses, learning that new skill, making that declaration of love, starting that business…
  19. I’m old enough not to care if my shoes are making loud noises as I walk up the escalator.
  20. Keep the main thing, the main thing.
  21. The colour pink is not all bad.
  22. I am a Jonathan to some of the world’s Davids. If you don’t immediately get the connection, I am the one who: journeys with, cheers on, challenges -when necessary-, those who are destined to be the ones up front/on stage, slay Goliaths, pioneer new things and so on. This doesn’t mean I might not get in on some similar action, but primarily, I’m the one who may go unseen, and I’m good with that.
  23. I really really enjoy flying. By which I mean the whole experience. I get to the airport with lots of time to spare, as I wanna get through check-in, security etc., and still have at least a full hour to spend in the coffee shop or eatery of my choice. Then once I’m on the plane, I pick and save all the films I’m going to watch back-to-back, I look at the menu (if long-haul) and decide what I’ll be having to eat, and then I sit back, relax, and press play on my first movie as soon as is possible.
  24. I really really do not like waiting for luggage in the arrivals hall. If I can travel with only carry-on, I do.
  25. Sometimes, you just have to draw a line under it. You just have to let some things go. Closure will not always be possible (and may also be overrated).
  26. I still have much to learn!