My first Thursday Thought of 2024. I’m sure you will have heard something like this before. It may even be something you’ve said to yourself. In which case, this is just a reminder and encouragement.

What do you need to let go?

If you asked yourself the question, I’d wager that at least one thing came to mind.

If I’m right, may I suggest it might be worth taking at least a minute to consider why this thing came to mind?

Word to Self

As with all my Thursday Thoughts, I am speaking to myself, as well as offering it for your consideration.

Some Thursday Thoughts will stem from where I am in that current moment. Some will be based on past experience and learning. Some, like my poetry, may have been prompted by something heard or shared in conversation.

Whatever the inspiration, I will only share what I am willing to say to myself and act on—if required.

Which is not to say that acting on these things is easy, will happen immediately or won’t require a few tries!

One Last Thing

Additionally and importantly, these Thursday Thoughts should always be heard contextually.

As there are things happening in the world today that should not be let go. They should be stopped and a stand should be taken against them.