The word that is currently on my mind, and at the heart of tomorrow’s Thursday Thought.

The definitions above may pertain more to instruments and concrete measures, however, I believe the principle can be applied to us personally as well.

There’s been enough going on in 2020 to send the most focussed of us off course. I listened to a talk last month where the speaker described life as being a continuum of battle and blessing. Hopefully, 2020 has afforded you some blessings, but in acknowledgment of the battles, I reckon it’s worth taking a moment to recalibrate, if necessary.

To see what fresh point(s) of reference we might need or benefit from. What (re)adjustments might be useful, and so on.

So that as 2021 approaches, we can–as much as is possible–be in the best starting position to navigate whatever the new year will bring our way.