Hi Lovely People, you can now purchase ‘In Conversation‘ as an audiobook! Narrated by me.


It is available on Audible, Amazon , Google Play, Spotify , iTunes and various other digital platforms.

If you are new to Audible, you can get your audiobook copy of In Conversation for free as part of a free Audible trial.

All purchases, streams, likes and shares are appreciated.

Also Available for Libraries

For those of you who use Overdrive/Libby,  it is also available for purchase by your local library.

So be my In Conversation Ambassadors and encourage your local, community and school libraries to make a purchase.

Labour of Love

This was truly a labour of love. It was three full days of recording and then additional time, post-recording, for listening back, re-records, making final decisions on which takes were best etc.

I have uploaded some behind the scenes footage of the experience and will most likely share some more in the New Year.

So when you have your copy, if you like what you hear, don’t be shy, show some love. -Thanks in advance!

Prefer a ‘Bookbook’*

In Conversation‘ is also available in paperback and ebook form.

Thank Yous

Shout out to my brother, G, for doing the final tweaks and conversion of the files ready for upload.

Additional shout out to my Tribe, who have journeyed with me from the original concept of this book till now: Morlene Fisher (who also provided the cover art), Rhoda Fisher (aka WishArt Works) who granted permission for two of her art pieces to feature in the book, Jacqueline Gray, Jax Hylton, Olivia Pitt and Kai-Nneka Townsend.

Thank you to you too

Those of you who have purchased In Conversation, or plan to. Those of you who have come to a poetry event, shared a post via your socials or given me an encouraging word or smile—Thank you.

*Bookbook was a term used in a clever ad campaign for IKEA in 2014. Watch the ad. Read more about the campaign – devised by Bartle, Bogle & Hegarty (BBH)