Poetry time! This is the poem that I mentioned in embracing the opportunities.

Are we there yet?

Where is this ‘there’ that we so many seek?

This elusive and seemingly exclusive destination,

That we should all, supposedly, want to reach,

What is so great about ‘there’,

That requires us to be dissatisfied with ‘here’?

Having dreams is okay,

“To dream the impossible dream”

To have hope, is a must,

Aspirations and inspirations, are a necessary food group,

But not at the expense of the ‘here and now,

“Right here. Right now. Right here. Right now.”*

Living in the moment, however fleeting,

Embracing the grace, given for today,

Seize the day! Squeeze out of it all that you can,

For tomorrow is not promised,

So make use of today while you can,

Why the rush to see what else is on offer?

In our haste for the next, we may deny ourselves the now,

Our moreish disposition, rewarded with chronic indigestion,

Blinded by the vision of what ‘there’ will be like,

Enticed by the stories of those who’ve ‘arrived’,

In an age of fake news, we’d do well to be wise,

Forever wanting, never fully satisfied,

Maybe that gaping hole is of our own making,

Because we refuse to believe, it can be filled anywhere but ‘there’,

Let’s try living in the now,

“Right here. Right now. Right here. Right now.”

This is your life, this is my life,

It may not all be pretty,

All things may not be aligned,

But it’s what we’ve got, and it’s happening live,

So why ask,

“Are we there yet?”

When we are already here,

Which who knows, could actually, be our ‘there’.

– November 2019
©️Janice Whyne


~ Are We There Yet? (video clip)

*Fatboy Slim Right Here, Right Now” is a song by British big beat musician Fatboy Slim… The lyrics “right here, right now” are a sample of Angela Bassett‘s voice saying “This is your life, right here, right now!” from the film Strange Days