Today I had the privilege of sitting in on my cousin’s year 8 art lesson. – She is head of Creative Art at an International school in the Middle East.

I saw literacy ‘morphing’ with art, as the lesson commenced with a spelling bee.

For the majority of her students, English -the ˌlɪŋɡu̯a fraŋca of the school- is their 2nd or 3rd language.*

My cousin endeavours to ‘see’ things from her students‘ perspective. Curating a holistic learning experience; creatively using the medium and language of art to touch on and enhance other elements of there educational journey. As well as the other areas of their cross-cultural, multifaceted lives.

Words in written, signed, oral etc. form, grant us access to one another, the world around us, and the world beyond us.

We do not need to have full mastery of every language, only the desire to effectively and responsibly use what we have. Making the most of the opportunities that come to expand our word bank. Respecting and valuing the gift that words and language (intertwined with culture) are; and the power they hold.

Let’s use our words to create, illuminate, affirm, build, and bring some artistry to our world.

*The actual figure is 98%