Earlier I thought, I haven’t got it in me to do a ‘post’ post. – Whatever that is! So I thought, what about a poem. As it’d be quick. Credit to me, I decided to try to write one, as opposed to use something already done. The finished article? (Btw, stick with me while I externally process/share the process)

Well, the title/topic was due to the speech bubbles that housed feedback on my course assignments. I started by just writing “speech bubbles,” and then kinda went with what came out. I thought I knew where it was going… then felt I should re-word the start… more editing/additions, as it seemed to take on another life. Like it was making a statement. I’m semi-clear what that statement could be, but not sure if it’s articulated well. Or, it could just be very random musings! So over to you. Have a read, feel free to provide feedback. If nothing else -from my point of view- something was written. Though who was I kidding with this would be quick!

4450695 Speech bubbles in the mind, encapsulated thoughts desiring articulation,

Speech bubbles of the heart, conversing deeper than the lips could form into words,

Speech bubbles overhead, carrying the chorus of millions on the currents of the air,

What kind of conversations will we find there? Will they be in need of translation? Or will the meanings be clear?

Speech bubbles, entrusted to express the characters’ intent,

Whether comical or serious, giving volume to their voice,

A graphic representation of an inner manifestation,

Consider carefully what you place there…

For if the bubble bursts, your words will be dispersed,

Scattered abroad in the clouds,

Their final resting place beyond your reach, and what they relate too late to recall.