So I heard some news today, about someone who is really struggling. I just felt I wanted to respond in some way, so I turned to some of my poetry to see if anything could somehow speak to the situation. The poem below was the closest thing I could find. I may yet try to write something fresh, but in the meantime, maybe this will resonate for anyone else who is also struggling…


With You

– A poem by Unique Expression

When I close my eyes,

And take a breath,

All becomes still,

In the midst of a crowd,

I can be alone with You,

When darkness surrounds me,

Uncertainties suffocate me,

I exhale Your Name,

In the midst of my pressures,


I am safe, alone with You,

When there is no hope,

No promise of tomorrow,

You speak to the disquiet of my soul:

“Your hope and expectation are in Me”

I am at rest, alone with You,

When I see myself,

Inadequate in this changing world,

You infuse me with inner strength,

Which comes from You alone,

I am at peace, alone with You,

When I am bound by my limitations,

Obligations and expectations, You say:

“Come, just as You are, I am all you need.”

I am free, alone with You.

©Unique Expression/J Whyne Dec 2004