img_1282Echoes in my mind,

Echoes of a past time,

Echoes of a life I once knew,

Echoes of a life I once thought I’d have,

Echoes, Echoes, Echoes…

Echoes in my soul,

Echoes of the girl left behind,

Memories of the drawings on the wall,

Memories of the day she saw them fall,

Suppressing my self-expression,

Constraining my creativity,

All in the pursuit of the ‘proper’,

The proper thing to do,

The proper thing to learn,

The thing that will later get you a job,

And I’m under no allusion,

That to be a designer would have been my conclusion,

Yet still,

The Echoes, Echoes, Echoes…

Echoes of my heart,

Echoes of the losses felt,

Echoes of the grief unattended,

Echoes of the faceless feeling,

Of a shadow me, trying to be free,


UWRF 2018


This piece was triggered by hearing the word ‘Echoes’ in a sentence by Will Buckingham during a session at the Ubud Writers Festival. It just rang around in my mind, and went on to produce the above.

Thanks as ever for checking out my stuff.