In these tumultuous times, specifically thinking about what’s currently happening in #Gaza, I  sometimes feel conflicted about what I share online.

Holding the tension between the local and the global, can be a delicate balance. Leaning into the joy and goodness that still remains in the world, while not losing sight of the horrors others are experiencing.

Doing what you can to show solidarity while recognising your own limits and capacity and so on.

To use a favourite phrase—or axiom as he would call it—of a previous Church leader of mine, it is a

‘both, and’.

Maybe all of life is.

Leaning into the joy, I’m looking forward to being a feature at Poets Palace next Wednesday (15th Nov.).

I was at the first ever Poets Palace in June 2022. I was attending as an audience member because a friend was one of the feature poets. When I arrived, she asked if I wanted to be one of the open mic-ers. After initially thinking no! I said yes, and ended up winning the audience vote!

This meant I had a feature spot at the next event, but I was headed back to Indonesia. It’s over a year later than planned, but the time has come. If you’re free, come through!

Funds raised on the night will go to Medical Aid Palestine.

An excerpt from Poets Palace instagram post:


Having won the audience vote at our FIRST EVER event we are so happy that @jjsmuse will be featuring on Wednesday

A Jamaican by birthright, Londoner by birthplace. Since childhood, Janice Whyne has been a words person, writing prose-filled Christmas cards, songs and poetry. She sees poetry as a means of self and collective expression and believes words have transformative power.”

Taken from my bio