So… the previous post, self-expression (1), actually started out as the following. However, once I started to dig into the subject a bit more, it grew into what I felt was a post of it’s own. But I still want to share the original inspiration. As it is an example of how I express myself. One of my mediums is poetry…

Who Am I?

@The Poetry Cafe, August 2016

Daughter of Trevor & Carmen,

Sister to Geoffrey,

Aunty to Donovan & Gabrielle,

Cousin to many, friend to some, acquaintance to a few,

A Londoner by birth, a Jamaican by heritage…

I don’t like to be boxed in, give me room, give me time,

A product of my environment, yet still trying to swim against the tide,

Got my fears but in the words of a friend trying to, “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”

I used to like white, now I appreciate red,

I never liked coffee, now according to some I’m addicted,

Running for the bus was a no no, now I’ve been known to run 26.2…

Usually quiet, but if you hit the right button, you will enjoy surround sound,

A lyricist with pages to fill,

Acquainted with pain, restoring my joy,

Living a life prescribed, but trying to draw outside the lines,

Jack of many trades, one day I’ll master a few,

A ‘contradiction in terms’, yet easily read if you have the key,

Full of emotion, seen only by a few,

A deep thinker, a deep feeler, yet content to ‘go with the flow’,

If it matters I’ll speak, if it doesn’t, I won’t…

Love the spontaneous, but need a rhythm,

A framework to scaffold this journey I’m on,

Seeking my identity, longing to be known,

Keeping at arms length, but open to being drawn close,

A narrative still unfolding,

Unsure of myself, but certain of Him,

A work-in-progress, He’s promised faithfully to complete,

A unique expression of His love,

A vessel for His service,

Trying to live His truth,

To use a turn of phrase of my people, “A me dat!”

Or at least, in part.

©Janice Whyne