So for my time in the UK, alongside the reconnecting with family and friends, and some ongoing work and study commitments, there were a few things I wanted to do just for me. I didn’t set them as fixed goals per se, but did endeavour to have some intentionality about making them happen. Intentionality is so key, as evidenced by my previous post, where my cousin’s intentionality saw her do a 5K.

Last night, having had it as a diary item on repeat since shortly after I arrived, I finally managed to get to Poetry Unplugged at the Poetry Cafe. My first visit there was in 2015, my second last night. Here’s what my intentionality led to…

It’s not easy stepping out and sharing your poetry, other form of expression, work presentations etc., especially if in front of strangers. I had my ‘thump thump thump‘ moment, but it was worth it. It was a good evening, with some hilarious, poignant, and ‘on point’ lines from other poets. I’m glad I finally got there, and can now take the event off repeat : )

Oh, and on our way home, my cousin -a different one- pointed out, that “imitation is the best form of flattery.”* A phrase from one of my poems became grafted into something another poet was writing while waiting for their turn to share. They had come up to me in the break and shared how it had resonated with them. It’s the 2nd time I’ve experienced having this particular poem quoted to me by others, or used as part of something else. Tis a beautiful, and humbling, feeling.

*Suggested origin of “imitation is the best/sincerest form of flattery.”