Thump thump thump…

The sound of my heart, when I have to share in public.

When the time of my name being called is drawing near,

thump thump thump…

“We’d like to invite… (thump thump thump…) Janice Whyne… (thump thump thump…)”

Then I take the mic, utter my first words, and my heartbeat is at rest, unnoticed in its usual rhythm.

Say my words, sing my song, and carry on…

Until the next occasion, when they call my name…

Thump thump thump.


Today I had 3 opportunities to speak in public. At the time of typing, 2 down, 1 to go. The above was my reality for opportunity no.1. By opportunity no.2, it wasn’t so perceptible. We’ll see what happens with opportunity no.3.

If nothing else, I’ve been provided inspiration for the above, and am now 2 posts closer to my 100.

I have actually been speaking in front of crowds from the age of 9. My public speaking training came from the school of church. Born and raised in NTCoG. Reading scripture, giving mini talks, singing with so n so & co., singing a solo. and on it went. It was invaluable for both spiritual and personal development; that provided grounding for many things, in many different scenarios, later in life.

And yet, I still so often get that flutter of nerves, and thumping of my heart. I like to think it is a good sign of me not being so convinced of myself that I’ve become nonchalant and blasé about it. A sign that I still take any opportunity given seriously, and respect the responsibility.

Because the power of words can be strong; and the willingness of people to lend you their ear should be honoured and valued.

So I give thanks for the opportunities, the thump thump thump, of my heart, and you all who lend me your ears. Whether via this blog, or face to face. It is appreciated, and not taken for granted.

Thank you, Jx