I did a Thursday Thought about this recently, and now I’m sat on a plane writing a quick post about it.

Years ago a colleague of mine said,

you should always have spare capacity

Dan Chapman

Referring to having room in our schedule, and lives for the unexpected, bonus, or spontaneous/surprising things.

The premise -or what I inferred from it- being that if we pack our lives back2back, we won’t have time, capacity, or openness to such things.

Today, spare capacity is on my mind as misinformation from the airline I am flying with, could potentially have had me missing my flight. Or at the very least, frantically dashing for the gate.

That is, if I wasn’t predisposed to leave myself enough spare capacity every time I fly. I’m one of those who likes to get to the airport minimum 2hrs ahead, go through into departures, and have at least 30 mins (pref 40-1hr) to pause with a coffee, and maybe a little suttin to eat before I have to get to my gate.

I’m sure some of this predisposition comes from my Mother’s lessons of preparing your clothes, packing your bag (on an average day, much less when travelling) etc. from the night before, and other such gems. As well as her never liking to be late.

I’m Very glad of it, as I sit here about to take off, before 12 midday!