On the 26th of January 2021, this orchid didn’t look like it had much life left in it.- The hint of a petal, later fell off.

I am not green-fingered, but if a plant doesn’t need much more than watering once a week, I can handle it.

My history with orchids, however, isn’t one of success. So the sight of it prompted slight dread; I thought it was dried up.

Despite this, I regularly watered it; mindful that one shouldn’t overwater orchids. Little more than a month later, and what a difference. The first sight of fresh buds took me by surprise, then prompted great joy and wonder.

I saw, and see a reflection of hope in this. That things, life, current situations in the world, people and so on, can bloom again.

Something, which understandably, could be challenging for some of us to believe right now. Challenging as it may be, I do hope that we will each see and experience signs of something fresh and new in areas of our lives.

I am still finding joy in the sight of every new bud and flower.