If things have gone as planned, today in the U.K. all remaining restrictions have been lifted. Marking an official re-entry to some semblance of #newnormal.

I wrote this piece for the @idmcgospeluk concert at the being of July. It didn’t previously have a title, but I think Resilience’ is fitting.

I wanted to hit notes of celebration, seeing as it was the first time in over a year that many attendees would have attended a live concert while avoiding platitudes.

Because although there are reasons to be thankful and celebrate, there are still many of us going through. This may be the case for a while to come.

There are also countries that are nowhere near any glimpse of a re-entry. Places like Indonesia, India, and many others.

We each have to hold the tension between acknowledging the pain and the suffering, and endeavouring to find and appreciate the joy. – When and where we can.

It is also good, when possible, to spare a thought for others and to do what we can (practically and otherwise) to stand with them.

Yet we are still here, and we are still standing.

Resilience | J Whyne | July 2021
  • A repeated line in the piece.

To those of us still standing, I salute you.

To those of us just about making it, I’m praying we make it through.

To those we have lost, I mourn and honour you.

Here’s hoping and trusting for more of the better days ahead, for all.

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