The Pink Conspiracy!

The pink conspiracy—as I call it—began in earnest when I was en route to Asia.

It started with a Mother of the church, the Late Sister Mavis Christie. Sis Christie was a wonderful women of modest means, yet gave as if she had riches untold.

When she heard I was headed to Asia, she sent a collection of little gifts for me. Among them was a pink & white striped wash bag (toiletry bag) and a pink soap dish.

When I arrived in Asia, a personnel manager—who’d been part of my recruitment process—had arranged for a welcome gift to be left at the place where I was staying. A pink journal, complete with pink pen. I was grateful, but was not luvin’ the pink.

Please note, got nuttin against y’all who love it. Just sharing my truth.

Home is Where the Pink is

My house in Indonesia was found after an increasingly disheartening search. When I went to see it for the first time, I knew from the porch that I’d finally found my home.

As I entered and looked at the unfurnished space, my certainty was complete, and then I opened the bathroom door. I got more than an eyeful of pink!

I paused, laughed, and told God He has a sense of humour. The wash bag (now slightly worse for wear) and the soap dish fit in perfectly.

I think when I got gifted a pink Honda scooter, I decided to give up my anti-pink stance and just embrace it.

So I do.

Embrace the Pink!

From time to time I make the intentional choice of buying something pink, or in my opinion daft (not ridiculous) for my age and stage.
Exhibit A: Peppa Pig tissues…

I needed tissues, the shop’s product placement of them at the till effectively caught my eye, so where’s the daft?

I’m a grown woman, who was buying a multipack of peppa pig pocket tissues, to furnish various bags for a reasonable period of time.

These thoughts sprinted through my mind. Then I laughed at myself, thought my niece might like them/find it funny, and handed them to the cashier. Who had already finished putting through my original transaction.

And the Rest?

The headphones, glasses, pen, and other occasional items not photographed here, all have a function and a purpose. Ones that go beyond laughing at myself.

I could have chosen the customary colours, but decided to avail myself of something different. And you know, despite me never being a fan of pink, I can rock pink.

Embrace Your Pink!

This life can be too serious at times. We, as people, can be also. Granted, this is sometimes as a consequence of the serious times.

There is a proverb that says,

A cheerful heart brings good healing (is good medicine), but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. – Proverbs 17:22*

So finding some ways in which to laugh at ourselves, embracing your pink, could be just the right prescription for the moment.

ps. Just for fun, did you clock how many times the word pink was used in this post?