All in.

Another simple, yet significant, truth. Once again, courtesy of something that caught my eye while out and about.

Not much – if anything- in life can happen or be achieved without some effort or commitment, on the part of someone. – That someone often needing to be you or I.

The level of effort and commitment can vary either in relation to the task at hand, or, the personal value one attaches to it/personal satisfaction one expects to receive from it.

Going ‘all in’ usually denotes that maximum effort, commitment, and sacrifice at times, is expected, even required, in order to achieve the desired goal.

Going all in, usually also requires, or at least implies, passion. Passion that is not manufactured or conjured up; rather that is the natural outflow of having something that you are truly passionate about.

Knowing your why, is also related to this. Knowing what gives you a sense of purpose. Knowing what you think is worth going all in for.

Some of us have clarity about these things from an early age. Others of us can spend a lifetime trying to make sense of them. A few of us may find that they remain elusive. Whichever of these most reflects where you see yourself, it is also worth noting that going all in, is also a choice.

We will not always feel passionate, even for those things that we know we are passionate about. We won’t always want to put in maximum effort; we may already be committed to other things, and disinclined to commit to anything more. Hence, as appropriate, a choice will need to be made. Independent of our personal feelings, we will choose to say,

I am all in.