Guest post time. I had the privilege of meeting Jane, who decided to do a year abroad. I was introduced to her by a colleague, and we got to spend some time chatting over coffee, nasgor, and other delights that life in Indonesia blesses me with. I asked her if she’d be up for doing a guest post for me, and she opted for a things I miss, but with a twist. Enjoy!

I don’t often know how to sort out things that I miss from home.  It took 6 months of living in Indonesia to finally own up to missing toilets I can sit on and warm showers.  Took maybe another 2 to admit that I was missing a simple homecooked Korean meal. It wasn’t until several days ago I realized I was missing peanut butter!

I trap myself into thinking that if I miss something, I’m automatically complaining that I don’t have it. But actually, when I miss something, or more so someone, it’s more of an opportunity to give thanks.  Like, ‘Thanks God for allowing me to enjoy and love this particular thing, or experience, or person so much that I can miss it!’

So, as I close up my one year in Indonesia, I thought I’d make a list of 10 things I know I’ll miss from here!

  1. Warm weather. All. Year. Round.
  2. Fresh guava juice from jus tawon (and feeling brave about sitting in a shop swarming with bees).
  3. $2 movie premiers, and active audiences that remind me this is a joint experience.
  4. Reflexology.
  5. Sambal (chill sauce). Being able to turn up the fire on any food you order.
  6. Gojek- u can seriously do everything with this app!! Travel, order food, send things to people, pay your bills, get your house cleaned…
  7. Leveling up at Mie Setan (Satan Noodles) I got to Level 3, which is ~36 chillies!
  8. A slower pace of life.
  9. Fresh, good coffee.
  10. Durian– and eating it with friends who both love and hate it 😂😂

*At the time of posting, Jane will be in the air en route home. – “Sampai ketemu lagi!”