Any Spanish speakers in the house?

Today’s post comes from a friend who has become a sister. She originates from Latin America, and now lives in Indonesia. She has provided her response to a post from last year, ‘things I miss‘.

Sometimes I not really aware if I miss something from home, because I like fully enjoy where ever I am, I really never give myself time to really really think about it.

But just for fun and just for give me a good remainder of the precious things that I have there, this is my list:

  1. Family
  2. Having long talk with my mom
  3. A cup of coffee made from my mom (even though is instant coffee)
  4. My nieces
  5. Eating whatever while you walk in the street, because it would’t be consider impolite.
  6. Going to the market with my mom
  7. Having long talks with my siblings
  8. Just going to the movies with my family
  9. Having a bear hug from my dad
  10. The feeling of been the smaller one, because my siblings are taller than me. Here I’m besar (big) dan tinggi (tall)
  11. Family
  12. Friends
  13. Toreadas (really spicy chips)
  14. Food made at home (home-cooked food)
  15. You know when I get to number 15, I was like:

Wow! I really miss a bunch of things

And is not bad missing there (Mexico), if we don’t let us to carrying away for so long, that we miss the fun that we have in the place where we are.

Is that make any sense?

Muchas gracias for let me share and the time for reading it.