The initial idea for this post was purely street scenes. Just a few snapshots, mostly from my daily to and from whatever work, or other commitment I have. I’m usually walking, if not, viewing these scenes from a bajaj or back of a motor bike. I take pics of things that grab my attention, represent something distinctly Indonesian or Jakarta, or that I could be used in a post. They’re taken on my phone, quality variable, many deletable.

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I was only going to write that you can tell a lot about a place, or people, by it’s environment. However, you’re getting a touch more. Possibly because in our team meeting, we were discussing community mapping. Possibly, because in the recesses of my brain, I still retain some information from the environmentalism component of my degree. Either way, it has brought you this post…

‘People, Places, Things’ – When initially wanting to work with a community, this is one of  the baseline starting points for the team. Walking around, listening, observing, and noting down what we see, and experience in the local area. E.g, are there: open spaces; schools; eating places; places where people are congregating, basic facilities etc.? Engaging -as appropriate- with people we meet along the way.

You can tell a lot about a place, people, culture, worldview, and so on by paying attention to the local environment. Sights, sounds, and smells can reveal the unspoken. You can also catch a glimpse of the potential priorities of a community, or, the priorities of  ‘the powers that be‘ that impact that community.

One’s environment also has the ability to positively or negatively affect your wellbeing. From your room, to your home, to your local neighbourhood, to whole cities. Areas that are too built up, overdeveloped, cluttered, etc. can lead one to feeling hemmed in. Lack of natural light, air, greenery, can affect one’s mood. Limited, or no access to outdoor leisure or recreation spaces, can impact health, both physical and social (community). You can get the picture. So it’s worth considering how much attention we give it. Both for what we can learn, as well as how we can better care for our, and others, wellbeing.

Enjoy the pics, and feel free to let me know if something stands out or particularly grabs your attention.

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