So, every now and then I do what an IT trainer called an ‘ego search’. I don’t know if this is a term that is generally used, or just his own term.

It means doing an online search of your name to see what comes up associated with it. He suggested that in today’s age of the worldwide web, and the massive amounts of content out there -uploaded by ourselves and others- that it’s a wise thing to do periodically.

So anyways, I just happened to decide to do one the other day, and one of the results revealed this:

I sat laughing at my video, especially my somewhat musical “aaaAAAH” moment. I scrolled back through my mind to see if I remember being told this was going on Twitter. I thought, “ooo, my hair looked good!” and so on. I also sent it to some fellow sojourners in this land, who have also waited in the hallowed halls of immigration; so that they could have a laugh too. According to one such fellow, I represented,

“What a great interview with an eloquent, good looking WNA 😁👍👍👍

So, fame at last in Indonesia, and without going in for Indonesia Idol. -I have been told by some that I should enter 🙂

*Just in case the embeded video doesn’t work, you can click this link