As I’m sure you can imagine, making a move to live and work overseas brings with it a whole case full of changes. You hopefully prep as much as possible, consult those who know more, and get ready to embrace the new normal.

As I was musing over my next just write something, the idea for this list came to mind. So in no particular order, here goes…


  • Mosquitoes can actually bite you through your clothes. - I was very dismissive (in my head) of the person who told me this.
  • In the beginning, you will have those times when getting that last thing on the shopping list, will feel like one thing too many.
  • Personal space is a rare commodity – Asia context. But not as parah (bad) as parts of the Middle East. See this post.
  • Worm medicine will become an additional ‘supplement’.
  • Savoury things have a sugary over-taste.
  • Of the FAQs you will be asked, “Can I take a picture with you?” will be in the top 5. – My marvellous mug has been the subject of many an upload to facebook. And even blown up and put on the wall of people I have never met. I kid you not!
  • Crossing the road is an art form.
  • Walking on the pavement can be hazardous.
  • You have to check for whitener in lots of things.
  • There is a pink conspiracy. – Okay, maybe that is just in my case.

And two from a friend who was round earlier:

  • That people would call you (a female) “Mister!”.
  • That you would come to think of coming into daily contact with pests of varying description normal. E.g. rats, cockroaches (Hey! Less outrage, in some countries they are delicacies!) …Okay, confession, I am now feeling a bit freaked out as I just did a search to verify what I said. If you are game, here is the 1st result I came across.

So there you have it. Twelve in total. If any fellow live overseas compadres want to email me your list, I’ll post it. Maybe it can be a blog mini-series : ) Alternatively, just pop one or two in the comments box. Remember to say whereabouts you are in the world.