While walking back home from the laundrette, this delightful plant caught my eye.

I wanted to stop and take a picture, but the weight of my fresh laundry was winning the split second subconscious ‘argument’ for walking on by. And so I did just keep walking on by, but after a few steps turned back.

Something about all that purple was striking. It caused me to stop. Even though the beginnings of rain, was falling on an umbrellaless me.

It was a moment of wonder and pure delight. Creation calling for my attention and consideration. A purposeful pause in the cool of the day.

I’m glad I stopped walking and turned back. It really didn’t take much time to do so. It was a short and sweet interlude which added beauty to my day.

I was having a conversation with someone just the other day about how we can sometimes be so task orientated, or to use their words, so determined to be purposeful that we miss the point of just living. We can ‘argue’ ourselves out of just pausing to appreciate the purple, and thereby miss the delight, and otherwise, that can colour our day.

I hope at the start of this new week, that we can have moments of noticing, and appreciating those things that catch our eyes. Allowing ourselves the time to delight in the wonder of them, and be positively impacted by an interlude of beauty.