Pause first.

What is it about the rhythmic rocking of a swing chair or swing, that just seems to make the ‘stuff’ of the day, moment, world etc., momentarily fade away.

If you’re on like a proper playground swing, maybe it’s the joyous exhilaration of being off the ground. Swinging above everything else. Seeing what surrounds you from a different perspective. Having it all sort of swing/float away into the air. It’s also just a rush, and fun!

Maybe, it’s because it gives you a ‘me time’ moment. Which according to someone I spoke to earlier, I apparently need more of.

Maybe it’s the rhythmic nature of the forwards-backwards. There is something comforting about it. It’s also pretty reliable, as it basically only goes in 2 directions! Unless, like when you were a kid you force it, and you, to go from side to side. Or do that thing, when with your feet still on the ground, you twist around, and around, and around until the swing chain has no more give… and then let go!

You don’t have those last two options in a swing chair : ) But the comforting rhythm, and feet off the ground thing, can definitely be yours.

Sat here for the last few moments has brought a welcome stillness to the ‘noise’ of the day. I’d encourage you to find your swing chair moment, vantage point, stillness. Or exhilaration, if what you need is a bit of a rush.

Either way, pause dulu.