Seth Baines, who I wrote about some weeks ago, has now made his final departure from this world. The following, is a response. If you haven’t read the original post, can I ask you to take the time to do so here. Also, please consider supporting the cause he was passionate about. Thank you, Jx

The hope beyond,

Beyond the pain of the present,

The sighs and the sorrows,

Beyond the physical realities, that put limits on my existence,

No longer bound, I’m free,

Soul is at rest,

All testing, at last, has ceased,

In full receipt of my Peace,

Return to Sender,

The hope beyond, has come into view,

The hope beyond, is now here,

The hope beyond is the culmination of my story,

Beyond the seen and unseen,

The known and unknown,

Beyond expectations, no more limitations,

“My hope was built on nothing less”

Than, the hope beyond.

November 2018

~ A song that also came to mind Cornerstone