En route to the lift, this 10th floor view caught my eye, and held me captive for a while. I was captured by the contrasts of the landscape, stretching as far as my eyes could see.

It brought to mind a recent post, through my eyes. I used an unfinished piece of writing called the in-betweeners, musing on whether we really take note of the people we see and pass by everyday.

As I looked at the scene captured above, seeing the architectural mix of the old and new, the variations of style and scale, the colour palette with bold instances of green; I wondered about what this landscape tells us about the people who inhabit the space.

Are they as interwoven as the architecture appears to be?

Or are they each in their small corners, some desperately clinging to distant memories of the past, others forging ahead to a fast & furious future.

Is there commonality, camaraderie, community, or simply shared postcodes?

Do they know their neighbour, love their neighbour?

Are there chats over the wall, invites to dinner?

Are they writing into each other’s lives, aware of their mutual stories and histories?

Creating and adding to their contrasting landscape, for all, who are inclined, to see.