This sentiment caught my eye and made some joy happen.

It was 6.49am, I’d had about an hour’s sleep, and was waiting at a busy-increasingly noisy-harbour. Granted, my wait was going to be rewarded with an overnight getaway. But the lack of seep was causing me a bit of a challenge.

Make joy happen.

  • It’s a statement.
  • It’s a directive.
  • It’s a choice.

One of those simple, but effective things, that if we all tried to make happen, at the very least, someone’s day would be a bit brighter.

Now if there are any literalists, cynics—or somewhere in between—reading this, you might point out that this slogan is a marketing tool and you’d be right. I had a similar thought.

Regardless, seeing it still made me smile and made me want to write a post. Two for the price of one 🙂

Marketing slogan or not, there is a simple truth and power to be found, acted on and responded to.

Do What You Can?

If we can make some joy happen by smiling at the neighbour who always appears to look harassed; giving a pound or two to the homeless person we see in the same spot; inviting someone round for a meal or in whatever particular way you bring the joy, why shouldn’t we?

Bring the Joy

It really can be that simple. Make a choice, and make it happen. It won’t solve the multitude of the world’s ills, but it may make a little joy happen.