I’ve walked by this window before, and what’s written there tends to catch my eye every time. I’ve also thought about grabbing a photo of it before, today I finally decided to.

The motivation?

I had recently enjoyed all 3,

Good people, good food, good times.

An unexpected blessing meant that a friend and I were in the same country, at the same time. We were both here independently, and didn’t know until we knew. We were both pressed for time, but as the writing on the window says,

Life is too short for anything else.

So we made the time for coffee and delicious sticky cinnamon buns for a breakfast chat before she headed to the airport. It was totally worth it!

Some would say that good people and good times can be hard to find. Good food -depending on where you live- possibly not so hard. So when the opportunity arises, I’d say grab it.


For those thinking “where’s the picture of these sticky buns?” I was being present in the moment so didn’t take one. However, here’s one I took earlier in the week. Don’t judge me, it had been a looooooong day! Long week actually. Who in the world told me to take on study too!