So what’s with you and all these jaunts?

A question someone asked me yesterday. It was asked in a positive sense, and prompted by me saying I was heading out of town the next day. As I later mused on the question, this blog post was born.

To be fair, I have been on a few excursions this month, poss giving the impression that I’m often/always on the go. Though my ideal rhythm is to have at least a day out of 7 when I’m not, and no more than 2 weekends out of 4 when I’m out of town.

So why is this month, and the month before in fact, different? Because with a limited amount of time in the Big Smoke, I’m having to maximise the opportunities to connect with people. Also, at times, stretching myself beyond the ideal, because of relationships that matter.

As that, as this same person later alluded to, is what really matters in life. Those moments with people who are important to you, and you to them.

So what’s with me and all these jaunts?

It’s a blessed consequence of the beautiful connections (home & away) I have been granted. It is at times a labour of love, because of the depth of relationship. It’s an intentional choice to “pay it forward“; from what I’ve been given, giving what I can. It’s an embracing of the moments, because when they are gone, they are gone. It’s me living my London life.

And as my cousin said to me earlier, it’s probably me having more of a rest when I’m back in my sometimes crazy Asia life, than I’ve had here! Lol