So, blessing upon blessing, a friend of mine -who’d been catching up on my posts- sent a response to my things I miss post.

I thought their list was brilliant, so asked permission to use it. I got the go ahead, so that takes care of today’s post. Here’s what they had to say,


Love ittttttt! Did our, conversation trigger this?

Here’s mine: (No order either)

1. Family

2. Popping round to a family member’s for a cuppa

3. Home-cooked food

4. Family

5. Family

6. Chicken kebab from _____Road

7. My close friends

8. Having my shoes heeled and them not falling off within a week

9. Having my feet up on my parent’s sofa

10. A cloudless, bright blue sky

11. Carpeted living room

12. A bath that fills with steaming hot water to the top in one go!

13. Rules and regulations that people follow


15. Buying things online with my bank card

So there you have it. I think you’ll easily have seen which of those listed is the most missed.

I’m still up for hearing from more of you. So if you are living away from where you consider ‘home’ send me your ‘Things I Miss” list.

Btw, you don’t have to be living abroad for this. Many of you are living in different towns/cities, to the ones you were born and raised, or spent your formative years in.

Sampai jumpa!

lit: Until we meet//See you next time.