Today I enjoyed a bit of series watching with my cousins.

3 people, 3 countries, 3 timezones.

Courtesy of technology, and a bit of synchronisation on our part; we shared moments of confusion, laughter, outrage and shock. As the storylines played out on our screens.

We also kept up a running commentary, and dissection of the characters’ actions via whatsapp chat.

In our world today, we have many opportunities to be globally connected. To cross countries, cultures, customs and so on. Even without crossing land, sea and sky.

There are people to stay, and get connected to. A wealth of experience, information, networks, and so on to tap into.

Sometimes just requiring a little extra effort on our part; in order to navigate the differences.

The minimal effort that brought about today’s enjoyment, began last week with an ask in our group chat.

So I have to ask are we watching this year?

After a bit of back and forth we found a day and date that could work for us all. One cousin even decided what special treat she was going to cook.

The 3, 4, 7, time difference was factored in, and the hour was set.

Today arrived. Coffees and teas were made, snacks and special treats set up, and we were off.

And the rest, as they say, is this post! 🙂

*In case you missed ’em, potential ‘takeaways’:

  • Start the process (ask)
  • Engage in dialogue/make a plan (bit of back and forth)
  • Find common ground (could work for us all)
  • Navigate any differences (difference was factored in)
  • Enjoy!