*Warning: Stream of consciousness alert*

So… having finally fallen asleep around 00.30 (I think), I woke up again shortly after. I thought the jet lag was getting better, but possibly not. As after 1.5 episodes of the 2nd season of 13 Reasons Why, which were downloaded on my phone, I am still wide awake.

Why were you watching stuff?” you ask. Because just lying there with my eyes closed, wasn’t resulting in anything resembling sleep. If the book I am currently reading wasn’t making me so mad, I might try reading. Hmmm, I prob need to ask a friend to remind me of the book they said puts them to sleep.

My cousin has just now recommended listening to the Archers, as it works for her. Maybe worth a try, although if it’s via the BBC, I might not be able to access it from here.

So as you’ll see from the pic, I decided to check out what the time was elsewhere; as was semi-considering whether to make a call. These 5 places represent the core of my ‘world’.

  • I live my day to day life in 1 of them
  • My family and inner circle live in 3 of them
  • An oasis of order, and nearest visa run location is in the other

*Stop da presses!*

One of my inner circle just called me! I answered her like this;

You’re lucky I got jet lag otherwise I’d cuss you. It’s 3.34 in the morning.

Which jogged their memory to me being ahead of them time wise. And if you knew what she was calling for! #hilarious We had a cool little chat still.

So back to my original stream…

My life, and current circumstances does also take me to other places, either literally, or virtually via the net. However, these 5 places, are the axis around which my ‘world’ revolves.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I find the wonder of time zones fascinating. Seeing it in black and white, underscores it even more. Especially if the time changes as I’m checking it.

All over the world, the clocks keep ticking and turning, lives are being lived, days are passing by, decisions (great & small) are being made, impact -sometimes on the other side of the globe- is being had, and so on. I cannot truly comprehend the magnitude of this…

Especially if I factor in that the world is stated to be made up of 195 countries, and has over 24 time zones. Mind blowing! And not just because I’m lacking sleep. In fact, in this moment, I’m feeling fresh and fully alert.

So if I was to try and summarise this stream of consciousness into a succinct thought, what would it be?

Honestly, anything I’m coming up with sounds cheesy or cliched . E.g. ‘Know your world, and live in it to the full.’Living locally, thinking globally.‘ See what I mean?

So if you’ve stuck with this stream till the end, I’m gonna leave you to see if there is any thing of note that connects with you. Feel free to let me know if it does. Just please, if ya gonna call me to tell me, you know what to do yeah.