I find the wonder of different time zones fascinating. I find it amazing, and a sign of the awesomeness of the Creator, that while I’m having my breakfast, friends elsewhere are either having their dinner, or settling down for the night. I additionally think it is kinda cool that in my 2nd homeland of Indonesia, we have 3 time zones. With my brothers & sisters in Papua being 2 hrs ahead of me.

However, when I’ve been away for an extended period of time, that can be a tad disorientating. As the peeps that I’ve had most contact with over the last little while, are all asleep when I’m wanting to share my random morning news. Or just give them a quick buzz to say nothing of real consequence.

Take this morning, I finally got to a cute spot where they do lovely fresh baked sticky cinnamon rolls, and decent coffee. I’d had a nice walk in the gardens, found the #sosingapore sight of people doing Tai Chi en mass, and other forms of group physical activity amusing, and was now relaxing and getting some free vitamin D. While delighting myself in the aforementioned sticky bun.

This news would really be of no interest to many, but to a few in my inner circle, they’d get it. They’d get that I’d had a ‘me’ moment, and the significance of that. Now I did whatsapp someone a photo -without caption as they’d get it- and I know that once they’re up, they’ll respond. No doubt glad for me that I’d enjoyed this simple pleasure. #grateful4technology

So what’s my point? Just that as I later sat in a Sunday morning service, it crossed my mind that it’s a bit disorientating to be living my life 7 hrs ahead of those I’m most connected to.

As the saying goes, “this too shall pass.” Once I’m back in my usual rhythms, and my peeps too, it won’t feel as significant. As after nearly 7 years in Asia, we’ve got our communications rituals down. Also, I’ll be connecting more with my Asia peeps. Some of whom will have felt the disconnect/time lag of me being in the UK.

One other ‘disorientating’ thing, is being something of an enigma again #sigh. My beautiful melanin elicits stares (rapt to rude), smiles, not so surreptitiously taken photos, and questions about my hair while I’m being jabbed by a needle. #really?

Again, this too shall pass, especially once I’m properly home. Think it’s just getting a mention courtesy of a particularly pointed stare during my nice walk. It got under my skin a little, and elicited a KMT (if you know, you know).

Anyhoo, that’s today’s musing/sharing, and hopefully not #ranting done. Worthy of note, despite some of my disorientation, something good must be happening, as that’s 2 posts in the last couple days. Let’s see what the next couple of days will bring…