The last week in the UK felt a bit of a blur/surreal, interspersed with some last minute occurrences that challenged my stress levels.

Following a long car ride, I was at the airport, baggage dropped with 0.5kg to spare, final hugs and waves given, sat at my departure gate with some awful coffee, and then 13 hours and 3 films later exiting the plane @Changi.

It felt kinda rushed. Not time wise, head wise. I hadn’t quite completely flipped the switch in my brain. I wasn’t quite Asia Janice yet. My centre of gravity had not yet found its fixed point. It was possibly 7 hours behind.

I wasn’t staying at my usual place, so additional bearings needed, but the wifi was decent and enabling my whatsapp msg. count to go down.

Msg. count zero. Clock count almost 21.00, I decided to go looking for food. As I stepped out of the main entrance, and away from connectivity, my eye spied the warning, and my centre of gravity found a point to fix itself upon.

No durian!” In that instant, I knew I was back. I felt it. I was well, and truly, back in Asia.

Such an insignificant thing, this poster. Yet it transmitted more than a 1,000 words, and in that moment anchored me.

Maybe you can relate in some way. What are the small, possibly seemingly insignificant things, that help anchor you? If you don’t know, poss worth giving it some thought. As we all need something that helps us feel, and be/do us. It may vary according to seasons, situation, specific task etc. but there will be something.

Asia Janice still has some transitions to come, and processing to do. As these things take their natural course, I’m going to take notice of, and enjoy, the small simple things that enable me to be present in the moment. Janice, back in Asia.

And in case you’re wondering, I fully endorse the warning, “no durian allowed!” 🙂

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