“Do you ever feel like life is passing you by?”

I hear the heart cry, of the one who is asking,
I identify with the feelings they are indirectly expressing,
I’m sadden by what sounds like a foregone conclusion,
A question and a statement, that has been silently simmering,
Like a dull murmur in the background, indistinct, yet ever present,
That internal monologue, one directional and constant,

The sum of her fears, to a word count of 10,
Oh the sorrow of knowing, it would take more than 10,
To reveal the true depths, of her current feeling,
Let alone a response, that barely = adequate,
I want her to know that things can change,
I can’t promise how, I can’t promise when, but it can, and will change,

Her vulnerable articulation, is the beginning of its undoing,
Words have power, even those difficult to say,
Once said, they can be heard from a different perspective,
Once separated from the murmur, they can emit a different sound
Once shared, they can be filtered through the lens of another,

Reflected back in a new light,
Providing strength for the ongoing fight,
Required For the life that the heart desires,
An obtainable desire, a life within reach,
The life that will not continue to pass you by,
Your life. Your way. Your time.

*I wrote the above for one of my tribe. If it speaks to you, I wrote it for you too x