It was a pleasure and a privilege to spend Friday afternoon with Spitalfields Crypt Trust (SCT) and their Creative Writing Group.

I facilitated a workshop where we tried out tools such as Free write and Word Prompts, before exploring Haiku

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Creativity begets Creativity

Encouraging creativity in others can often spark creativity in you.  It had been a long while since I’d written a haiku, but no. 190 was written that afternoon. To the soundtrack of the SCT volunteers being appreciated and while soaking up some sun.

Why I Write

Participants ‘ responses to ‘why I write’

Hearing the poems and reflections of the group was a joy. The ‘Why I Write’ poem was written (by me) using responses the participants wrote at the start of the session. It felt like a fitting way to  wrap up the workshop.

‘Creating Beautiful Words Together’

Thanks to all the participants (who made the session what it was), Vicky Creyton for the invite, Suki for connecting us and Ashleigh for the video.

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Optional extra: Why being creative is good for you