Lemn Sissay’s book launch, at Foyles Charing Cross on September 19th, was an absolutely joy. His latest book is called ‘Let the Light Pour In‘, and it was a light-filled evening that was good food for my creative soul.

It sparked a return to an act of daily creativity. Beginning the morning after, when I posted a tweet about the evening.

This spark was further set ablaze in the early hours of the 21st. When an unplanned conversation with a friend in Indonesia, reminded me about the power of connection.

I turned those thoughts into a Haiku,

and thus, a haiku a day was born.

Honing My Creative Practice

Writing a daily haiku is good for my creative practice. I’m enjoying the freedom and challenge of packaging what I want to express in 17 syallables.

  • It requires clarity and focusing in on the main thing you want to say.
  • It requires innovation as you need to use less words and therefore need to find words that say more.
  • It requires a play on and with words, to hint at the deeper nuances held between the brief lines.

These are skills which I believe are influencing my overall writing practice. As even when you have more than 17 syallables to write with, all the above should apply.

A New Book in the making?

Response to the daily Haiku has been positive. Even garnering responses from some people who haven’t generally commented on my poetry.

I’ve also had a couple enquires as to what I’m going to do with them.

Pre-the above question, I had actually said to one of my cousins that if I keep up the daily haiku for 30 days straight, I’ll put them in a book.

At the time of posting, I am at day 14. I have faith that I will get to day 30. So you heard it here first. A book of Haikus will be coming to you from you’re truly.