Daily Haiku No. 37

An 11th hour haiku poem Considering the hour, I wasn’t sure I’d manage one today, but wanted to try. As writing a haiku a day is currently a part of my creative practice

There all The time

The dark and wet London night didn’t offer any instant inspiration. However, as I continued to scan my immediate surroundings, my eyes landed on these leaves. It wasn’t the first time I had looked at them; it was probably actually my third look.

I was waiting for a bus that was due in a few minutes, so there wasn’t much scope for exploring further afield. The leaves, grass and pavement were basically it. Particularly as I was also wanting to stay true to an element of nature being  present in the haiku.

I’d posit that it was my:

  • determination to find something I could write about
  • my desire to keep my committment to myself and my pratice

that caused me to eventually see what had always been within view.

What might you be missing which is already within your view?

Gaza on My Mind

As with much of my recent haiku poetry, Gaza, and the ongoing atrocities continues to  influence what I see.

The sight of those raindrops instantly brought the people in Gaza and their lack of water to mind. Denied this necessary resource—their human right—due to the longstanding 16-year occupation of their water. Compunded by the Israeli government’s cuts to water and power.

While waiting at that bus stop,  looking for some thing to catch my eye, I wasn’t envisaging the situation in Gaza featuring in any way. In fact, I specifically didn’t want it to.

However, the state of the world, particularly what’s happening in Gaza, seems to be a fixed lens. Inviting me to focus on some aspect and respond.

Poetry is one of my primary means of response. So it nakes sense that my daily acts of creativity are in conversation with these global happenings.

What is currently Inviting your attention and response?