I’m still managing to keep up with my daily haiku, which I’m doing as a daily act of creativity and part of my creative practice.

I wrote the following earlier, prompted by beautiful sunlight shining through my window earlier.

Sun is shining weather is changeable Shifting seasons shifting lives

Daily Haiku No. 39 | 29 October .2023

Despite the signjficant drop in temperature here in the UK, the sunshine seems to persist in breaking through. As if determined to extend or evoke the summer feeling.

The Clocks went back

Then I remembered the clocks had gone back. In recognition, i felt I should attempt another haiku poem that related to this. It also meant I actually changed the time on the wall clock!

With the state of the world as it is, the horror going on in Gaza being a prime example, I wish we could turn back time. That there was a possiblity to undo some of the decisions (past and recent) that paved the way for some of what we are seeing today.

Compunded by the refusal on the part of some governments—UK being one of them—to condem this genocide. Governments, whose historical actions, made some of those decisions referred to above..

Without our collective action—in whatever way one feels able–things will not change. They will, in fact, get exponentially worse.

I don’t believe all is lost, but there is a lot that is far from okay.

Tick tock turn back clocks
Changing time to save time but we can’t turn back time

Daily Haiku No. 39a | 29 October 2023