Haiku No. 30 | Day 30 of a haiku a day

In July 2021 I came across across an interview with Lemn Sissay, entitled, ‘the importance of everyday acts of creativity.’ In it he mentions creating short poems, born out of whatever motivated or inspired him that morning. This is a practice he continues to do via his socials.

The idea struck a chord and I began writing a short poem every morning and posting them on instagram. This was my first one, prompted by a conversation with two of my cousins.

Daily Poetics

I kept this up for a while and even set up a seperate instagram account, Daily_Poetics. However, a combination of life, lack of discipline, and the usual suspects, meant this particular daily act of creativity  fizzled to a stop.

Nature’s Invitation

During a morning walk in Leicester (June 2023), some reeds on Covert Lane invited me to write a haiku.

Something about them made me reach out and touch them. I revelled in this touch of nature and also envisioned a visual poem.  I had no poem in mind at the time, but pressed record and re-lived the moment.

Later that evening, a haiku emerged as the natural choice.

Returning to Ritual

In September 2023, I attended Lemn Sissay’s ‘Let the Light Pour In‘ book launch at Foyles Charing Cross. This latest book houses what he feels are  the best of his morning poems.

The morning after the book launch, I wrote a poem reflecting on the night before and have written one every day since. Different themes and returning to the poetic form of Haiku.

Day 30 and Beyond

A Haiku a day was born and I’ve enjoyed and been challenged by this poetic form. It’s been good for mind and soul.

At some point during these last 30 days, I said to myself,

if I keep this up for 30 days straight, I’d put them in a book

I’ve kept it up for 30 days straight and have actually written more than 30 haiku. So watch this space for a book of haiku coming your way soon.

Ps. I intend to keep up this creative practice. Check out some of my other haiku via the links below. Follow me on my socials for more poetry content.

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