Say It with a Haiku

I said there waa something coming and it is almost here. – 2nd March #SavetheDate

‘Say It with a Haiku’ | Unboxing

This is just a glimpse of the proof copy. The full video, sent to my draft readers and my Mum, was 8 mins of excitement, glee and wonder.

What’s it about?

…Say It with a Haiku began with a commitment in September 2023 to write a daily haiku as an act of everyday creativity.

Housed in this book is a selection of those daily poems…

excerpt from the back cover

It takes a village

Editing a book and choosing which poems to keep and which to let go is very challenging.

I, in my wisdom, chose to make this challenge even more so, because I decided that only 31 (out of 136 at the time of editing) poems were going into the book!

Cue my draft readers. I would still be struggling to pare down the poems without their haiku choices,  feedback and reflections. I cannot thank you enough!

“Thank you! Thank you!”

Big Thanks also goes out to WishArt Works for the amazing cover art. Just wait till you see it! #Watchthisspace for the  full cover reveal.

Ending on a Haiku

*remember,  release date Saturday 2nd of March 2024.*