Sibling Vibes

My brother G told me to keep the evening of Tuesday 5th March 2024 free for an ‘early birthday present’ (b’day is in May so hold any greetings).

I’m not big on surprises but was intrigued and touched, so I just asked what time I must be ready and what was da dress code.

Into the unknown

We arrive @pryzmkingston so by then I know or at least strongly believe we are going to see live music (love me some live music). However, there weren’t any gig posters, so even as we ascendeded the stairs I was none da wiser as to who it might be.

Do you see what I saw?

Tis a standing gig (should have worn my trainers!) and we are stage left with a clear view of a grand piano,  stuffed toy crocodile on top, a guitar and a mic.

At last…

I am still totally clueless as to who we are seeing until a brief convo with a young girl and her father (who gave me my 1st birthday greeting of the year) who came and stood beside us.

We were there to see Jacob Collier. Now, if you were already in the know about this guy, nay, maestro, don’t cuss me, but this was the 1st I’d heard of him.

Jacob Collier 

It was his new LP release, Djesse Vol. 4, plus Q&A and it was a beautiful way to be introduce to this Creative Soul.

And as for this audience choir ting he does, I was both amazed, transfixed and like ‘how in the heck!?’

Now I grew up in Black Church, so hearing harmonies was like hearing (and speaking) your mother tongue. I went to plenty of gospel concerts (small & large scale), so hearing people en mass and unplanned just be able to catch harmonies and sing along was what we do. #secondnature

But I have never—until this night—seen an audience at what da church folk when I was younger would call a ‘secular concert’, drop harmonic Oooos & Ahhhhs like that. Just spontaneous so/following @jacobcollier ‘s conducting.

It was something to witness, hence me uploading the whole clip. It is also a reminder of the power and connectivity of music.