…for your brother.”

This is the line my brother used to drop on me, when he wanted help with something that was gonna cost me a whole heap of time and effort!

Like when he was first growing locks, and yours truly was the one twisting up his hair. Usually late at night, while watching back-to-back episodes of some series. Alias, for example. With him enjoying the luxury of nodding off!

Or when a big house sort was in order. Usually before some dinner, gathering, or birthday party that he was throwing, and which was happening imminently!

The head would tilt to the side, the corners of his mouth would go up, and through the ‘I know I’m being cheeky smile’ the famous line would be delivered. To which I’d make some response of sisterly indignation, and then 9 times out of 10, acquiesce.


  • Cos he’s my big head brother, whom I love, and actually like.
  • He is in my corner. I do not have a famous line -though I occasionally avail myself of his- but he has helped me on numerous occasions and in numerous ways. Such as with gatherings I wanted to have. Usually coming up with elaborate ideas of how to hook up lighting in the garden, music sound system etc. Pulling his buffet server hot plates out of storage, and seasoning up some meat (albeit usually at 3/4am or much later on the actual day) that will be a righteous addition to the menu.
  • He has driven me places, picked me up at the airport at unsociable hours, supported my decisions, consoled me in challenging times etc.

He is family, and you give time and effort for your family.

You don’t always agree, you sometimes drive each other to distraction, but you would go Bruno Mars ‘Grenade’-esque for them. And unlike the subject of the song, they would do the same. Well I know G would for me.

Now I know that not all siblings share the same bond. That not all families work, or are a place of support, stability and safety. So I’m not trying to push an ideal. There is unfortunately way too much evidence in our world of the dysfunction that can be experienced in families.

I’m just using this occasion of my brother’s birthday to cherish and celebrate what I do have in him, and in my family. Immediate and wider.

Love you my brother! Even with the,

Just do this one thing…

A line, which contrary to the “used to” in my opening paragraph he actually still uses on me!