Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 17.16.22I was going through some old documents etc. on my laptop and came across this. This picture was taken by my nephew Donovan around 3 years ago. I’d let him loose with my phone, which led to a number of deletes : ) but this photo I kept.

The quality of the photo itself isn’t that great, hence probably why I opted to make it b&W, but there is a quality in the moment that was captured, that I really like.

I like that it has 3 generations of Whyne women in it. I like that I see relaxed, unplanned, togetherness. – Even though we are all doing our own thing. I like that in a candid, unposed moment, I see something to like.

It’s also interesting to me that while writing this post, I’ve become aware that I have an almost literal sense of the moment. Maybe this is tied to the connection and bonds we share.

In our everyday, ordinary lives – intertwined with the planned and the posed – there are many candid moments. If someone was to take a snapshot of those or any of the other moments of your lives, what would you see, and what would you like?